Positive 4 People

Empowers people to improve the quality of their lives and lead as healthy, happy, active a life as possible.
We offer holistic recovery and support to people surviving life changing events.
This programme encourages people to build on their personal skills, experience and dreams.
We will help you to build your emotional resilience and make a positive impact on your mental health, social and physical well-being.
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Positive 4 People Durham
The Village a centre for people

The Village

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Neat & Tidy
Free complimentary winter garden tidy up for people recently diagnosed with cancer or people who are going through cancer treatment.


Employment or self-employment provides an opportunity for individuals to use their skills, talents and gifts and also improves confidence, self-esteem and well-being. To this end, Positive Directions N.E has brought together a small team of graduates from the Positive 4 People programme to undertake home and garden improvements.
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